2010.09.17 - Matt Chung's "Office of the Dead" in Cupertino

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Writer/director Matt Chung's film "Office of the Dead" screens on September 17 and 18 in Cupertino in the Week of Terror Film Festival and again in San Francisco September 24-26.

Click here to check out the trailer -- and read on for more info:

Blue Light Cinema
Cupertino, CA

New People World Theater

Available now on DVD at Amazon.com.

Director's Quote:

"It's such a feeling of satisfaction to have this film released on the big and small screen. I've worked in an office for a long time, and have been subject to a lot of ridiculous things - so it's cathartic to be able to make fun of those experiences in a format that hopefully, others will relate to. It's also great to have such a diverse cast. The film takes place at a tech company, so if you think about it, it's the perfect setting for such a multi-ethnic group of actors.


Life Corp, a leader in the technology field, is working on ground breaking technology to makes people happy. The company's CEO, Sir John Chris, argues this is coming at a time when people are angry and need a change. Ben Lau, a software engineer, has dedicated the last three years of his life on the Life Corp project trying to make a difference. Together with Raj, his fellow software engineer, and Liz, his project manager, they conduct their final experiment which would actually make an unhappy person happy. The experiment takes an unexpected turn for the worse. Instead of the intended outcome, the test subject becomes a zombie. To resolve the crisis, Sir John Chris hires his friends to consult on the project. His friends only make things worse, and their experiment starts the zombie epidemic infecting the entire building. Ben, Raj and Liz, escape the initial outbreak, but realize they are the key to reversing the effects of the infection. So they fight and at times crawl through the various departments of the Life Corp building, meeting the surprisingly good looking marketing department, the executive CEO staff, and some old friends, who are now brain dead. Along the way, Ben realizes how he really feels for his project manager and ex-girlfriend, Liz. In the end, Ben reverses the effect of the infection, gets the girl, and saves the office.