A note from Grace Lee about "American Zombie"

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Here's a note from Grace Lee about "American Zombie," now playing in Los Angeles. The upshot -- the better the film does this week, the more likely it'll get picked up by theaters in other cities, so spread the word!

Just wanted to remind you that AMERICAN ZOMBIE is now playing at the Sunset 5 in Los Angeles. The Friday and Saturday night shows had sell-out crowds and the audience reaction has been great. We've even received some good reviews (see below from LA Times and LA Daily News)

This weekend is especially crucial to get good box office numbers in order for the film to expand, so if you are looking for something to do on Sunday, please come to the theater TODAY. You can even use the coupon for discounted tickets -- $6 for a movie? That's a bargain! AZ is a small indie movie, but it packs a lot of bite!

If you can't make it on Sunday, we are still playing until Thursday. And there will be a Q&A session after the 7:30pm show on Tuesday with me and some cast and crew as part of a special Slamdance-sponsored screening.

Thanks so much for your support of independent filmmaking!

Grace Lee

And here's an excerpt from the Los Angeles Daily News review:

But what starts out as a typically liberal plea for acceptance and equal rights slowly turns into something much darker, a metaphor for American paranoia at its hysterical worst - and, perhaps, its most justified. No one here gets out alive, or at least without being implicated in some kind of delusional prejudice, smug documentary filmmakers least of all. Lee and Solomon are hilariously passive-aggressive with one another ("Nobody wants to see `The Grace Lee Project 2,' " he says as the director keeps turning the camera on herself). And the key zombie players are all terrific, as are the film's funky/downscale L.A. locations.
Click here to read the whole thing.